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May 3, 2010

Online Continuing Education Opportunities for May 2010

Listed below are FREE programs Library Journal, TechSoup, School Library Journal, Texas State Library & Archives Commission, WebJunction, BCR, The Foundation Center, Booklist, InfoPeople, and The Nebraska Library Commission will be webcasting later this month.

(In the event that you aren’t available during those times, or you would like to check out past webinars, here are the links to archived events:

WebJunction Webinar Archives
OPAL Webinar Archives
SirsiDynix Institute Webinar Archives
MaintainIT Archive
BCR Archive
BCR Free Friday Forum
Common Knowledge
School Library Journal
Tech Soup
Library Journal
SirsiDynix Institute
eSchool News Webinars)

Video in the Library: Trends and Best Practices (Library Journal)
May 4 (2-3 pm)

This presentation will outline what the latest trends in video delivery mean for libraries. Packed with useful information, including checklists, standard licensing terms, technical overviews, and more, this webinar will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about how to deliver video services that best serve your patrons’ research, classroom, and entertainment needs.

To register for this event, go to:

George and Joan on Successful Middle Management (InfoPeople)
May 4 (3-4 pm)

This webinar will clarify the role and responsibilities of the middle manager and describe techniques that will allow you to be more effective in your work. It will also help aspiring managers to decide whether and how you should pursue this career track. Participants in this webinar will learn how to: Create shared understanding of the library’s objectives and priorities, Improve communication channels across the hierarchy, Represent the interests of line staff without creating a sense of entitlement or victimhood, Work accountably and take responsible action.

For more information or to attend the webinar, go to the link on the day of the program:

Build Rapport With The Language of Influence (Texas State Library & Archives)
May 5 (11 am-12 pm)

Word choices and accompanying non verbal communication sends a message. What messages are you sending? How often do you question why people take your message differently than you intended? Explore words and gestures that are accountable and engage collaboration.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:

Collaborate with Wikis (TechSoup)
May 5 (2-3 pm)

Looking for a way for your community members to contribute information to an online collective database? Why not consider a wiki? A wiki is a website that allows multiple contributors to easily add, edit, and contribute content, images, web links, and more. Wikis are specifically designed for collaborative editing and are used as public websites, for personal note taking, in corporate intranets, and for knowledge management systems.

To register for this event, go to:

Accidental Leadership with George Needham (WebJunction)
May 5 (2-3 pm)

Leadership may not be something every library staff member aspires to, but in many cases, leadership is thrust upon the accidental leader unexpectedly. How do you find the internal and external resources you need to lead? What do you do when you’re younger than the people you are supposed to lead? How do you exercise authority without becoming either a tyrant or a pushover? Drawing on nearly 40 years of library experience, George will present some anecdotes, some strategies, some practical advice, and, hopefully, a few laughs as he explores this deeply personal subject.

To register for this event, go to:

Crime Fiction Past and Present (Booklist)
May 6 (2-3 pm)

Need help tracking down the best crime fiction titles for collection development or readers’ advisory? Join us for an informative hour-long webinar, moderated by Booklist Online senior editor Keir Graff, as David Wright of the Seattle Public Library, Edwin Buckhalter of Severn House Publishers, Talia Sherer of Macmillan Publishing, and Jessica Tribble of Poisoned Pen Press discuss all things mystery, from little-known gems of the genre to today’s newest trends and titles. Mysteries—solved!

To register for this event, go to:

Understanding the New Discovery Landscape: Federated Search, Web-scale Discovery, Next-Generation Catalog and the rest (Library Journal)
May 6 (2-3 pm)

Build your understanding of this essential area by attending a 60-minute webcast hosted by Library Journal and Serials Solutions that will help you put the right pieces together for your library. Learn the lingo, distinguish between current discovery product offerings, and examine today’s revolution in genuine discovery from Marshall Breeding of Vanderbilt University and editor of Library Technology Guides and the Smart Libraries Newsletter. Breeding has reported on discovery since its humble, often clunky beginnings to the present, training a keen eye on both theory and practical application.

To register for this event, go to:

Reference: The Missing Link in Discovery (Library Journal)
May 11 (12-1 pm)

Reference has never been in greater demand, as witnessed by the rise in Wikipedia and the prominence of reference results in Google and other search engines. Often students don’t know that reference is what they need. The challenge to library vendors and librarians is to build reference tools and services that bridge the gap between reference librarians’ expertise, the library’s extensive information resources and today’s users.

To register for this event, go to:

Grant Seeking Basics (The Foundation Center)
May 11 (3-4 pm)

Are you a representative of a nonprofit organization? New to fundraising?   This introductory course provides an overview of the funding research process for those seeking grants from foundations, corporations, and grantmaking public charities. The webinar will cover: What you need to have in place before you seek a grant, What you need to know about grantmakers and how nonprofits are supported, How you identify funding partners, Resources for your grantseeking efforts.

To register for this event, go to:

Conducting Surveys I: Introduction and Questionnaire Design (Nebraska Library Commission)
May 12 (12-1 pm)

Tackling the job of conducting a survey for your library can be daunting. A systematic and quality-driven approach will yield results which can provide valuable information to decision-makers and stakeholders. This first in a three-part series of workshops on conducting surveys will demystify the survey process, from beginning to end of your project.

For more information or to attend the webinar, go to the link on the day of the program:

21st Century Digital Knowledge Management: The Changing Role of the Media Specialist With Classroom Technology (School Library Journal)
May 13 (2-3 pm)

There are new expectations for media specialists doing collection development and management in the information age. Each day there are new questions to be addressed.

To register for this event, go to:

Helping Your Patrons Help Themselves (BCR)
May 14 (12-1 pm)

This hour long talk will explore a few ways you can help members of your community who find themselves out of work or just looking to better their financial situation. We’ll briefly discuss programming possibilities, a few free technologies that can be of great benefit to job-seekers, and some smart ways to supplement cash flow and manage money.

To register for this event, go to:

Opportunity for All: The American Public Benefits from Library Internet Access (WebJunction)
May 18 (1-2 pm)

This Webinar will explore some of the ways that data collected about public access computer use can demonstrate the value of your services in the community and provide valuable information about the needs of your constituents. We will also examine approaches that have worked in using the data to influence funding and support for public access computing. Every public library has something to say about this, no matter how small; using the increasingly rich sources of data to support your public access efforts is especially critical in times of short budgets to ensure continued funding and support by the local community.

To register for this event, go to:

24/7 Readers’ Advisory: Multichannel Delivery of Reading Recommendations (Library Journal)
May 18 (2-3 pm)

How can you reach those seventy-seven percent of your users who want reading recommendations, but never make it past the hold shelf? The time-honored printed booklists and bookmarks you work so hard on are a start, but your virtual visitors will never find them. Today’s readers want recommendations in their online catalogs, on their library’s Web site, delivered to their email in-box, 24/7.  Barry Trott from the Williamsburg Regional Library will discuss the process developed by his library that puts recommendations where users can find them, and how staff goes about creating award-winning reviews. Tara Bannon, librarian at the Denver Public Library’s busiest branch will describe how their staff intranet is used to gather the wisdom of the crowd in generating and creating electronic and print booklists and bookmarks. Rebecca Sigmon from NoveList will give attendees a look at plans for recommendations front and center in a new version of its top- ranked readers’ advisory resource, making it an even better place for your readers to discover more authors, titles and series like the ones they enjoy.

To register for this event, go to:

Trends in Teen Lit: The Independent View (Booklist)
May 18 (2-3 pm)

Young adult literature continues to be one of the most exciting and evolving areas in the publishing world. In this hourlong webinar, moderated by Gillian Engberg, Booklist’s Young Adult Books Editor, you’ll hear about new trends in teen books from author and Booklist columnist Michael Cart and three independent publishers: Melissa Wood of Sourcebooks, Andrew Woolridge of Orca Book Publishers, and Rick Wilks and Susan Shipton of Annick Press. Join us for an informative hour that will surely give you fresh perspectives on new books for eager and reluctant teen readers alike.

To register for this event, go to:

Intro to Website Analytics (Texas State Library & Archives)
May 19 (11 am-12:30 pm)

Please join us for another Webinar Wednesday! How many people visit your website every day? What are visitors doing when they get there? Which features are most popular? Laura Quinn of Idealware will talk through the tools and strategies you can use to get the answers to these questions. Through demos of free tools such as AWStats and Google Analytics, we look at what these tools can tell you about your site. We close with a quick look at some of the more advanced packages – such as ClickTracks, WebTrends, HBX Analytics, and Omniture – that might be useful to larger organizations.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:

Cataloging with RDA: An Overview – Online Session (Nebraska Library Commission)
May 19 (12-1 pm)

Resource Description and Access (RDA), the cataloging standard developed to replace AACR2, will be released in June 2010, and a period of testing and evaluation of the new rules will begin. Join Emily Nimsakont, the NLC’s Cataloging Librarian, to learn the basics of RDA. Topics of discussion will include the goals and basic concepts of RDA, ways in which the new rules will differ from the current rules, and changes to MARC format related to RDA.

For more information or to attend the webinar, go to the link on the day of the program:

Digital Photo Management for Libraries (InfoPeople)
May 19 (3-4 pm)

Have digital photos? Now what? Discover online management services that can make organizing photo collections easier and learn about free web-based photo editing tools that can help you to fix those not-quite-right pics. Get direct comparisons of these tools that can help you decide which are best for your needs or your library.

For more information or to attend the webinar, go to the link on the day of the program:

Getting Your Resume Noticed (Texas State Library & Archives)
May 25 (3-4:15 pm)

Resumes are to get the job interview. Come learn tips to get resumes updated for print and online submissions, key components of the resume and learn if cover letters are still necessary. Learn the difference between a chronological and functional resume and when to use each type. Also covered will be common questions job seekers have for their resumes and where to find more resources to assist them.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:

Mission Critical: Services to Spanish Speakers (Webjunction)
May 26 (1-2 pm)

Join us for this webinar, the third in a series presented in collaboration with REFORMA. Now more than ever, programs for Spanish speakers at libraries around the country are seeing record attendance and positive feedback from participants. Find out how your outreach efforts and your community can help position the *library as critical* in the eyes of stakeholders and decision makers. Come hear practical, successful examples of library services targeted to new immigrants, including English Language Learning (ELL), computer instruction, children’s concurrent programming, Life Skills workshops and resources, GED workshops, family literacy programming, and how to successfully communicate with library decision-makers, staff, community leaders and officials.

To register for this event, go to:


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