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February 9, 2010

2010 Workshop Schedule

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The 2010 Continuing Education Website and 2010 Calendar are up and running!

Each year we offer two of the four 5-day core workshops required for certification. This year we are teaching Cataloging and Organization and Collection Development

We are providing a host of technology workshops including workshops on interlibrary loan, managing public access computers, basic networking, managing library technology, video production, and designing a website using WordPress.

Other highlights of 2010 include workshops on fundraising, genealogy, grant writing, adult literacy programming, strategic planning, team-building, serving the deaf and hard of hearing, book mending, and working with volunteers.

Youth services will also supported with the workshops “Make a Splash, Read” (Summer Reading Program), puppetry, No Cost-Low Cost Programming for School-Aged Children, and the perennial favorite, Materials Review.

There are several other workshops in the works. When they are finalized, I will send out notices to let you know.

Again, the links are:
CE Website

List of workshops with links to registration

Registration Calendar

Other Information:
1. After you register for the workshop, you will get a system generated e-mail confirming your registration. Shortly after the workshop’s registration deadline, you will receive a confirmation from the workshop coordinator letting you know if you have been accepted, giving you directions to the site, and any special instructions.
2. While it is understood that any library director may attend workshops, library staff, volunteers, and trustees may also participate in workshops as space allows.

There is almost always room for everyone who is interested in attending most workshops. However, things are a little different for the four core workshops (Cataloging, Collection Development, Reference, and Basic Public Library Administration).

Cataloging and Reference must be held in computer labswhich limits the number of people able to attend. Sadly, there are always more people wanting to take part in these than there are seats. As a result, when you register for these workshops, please know that attendance decisions are made based on a series of priorities. For that reason, the core workshops cannot be first come, first served. The final list of attendees is taken from the pool created from the main list and the waiting list, according to priority.

I thank you for your patience and understanding. We will get you into a “must have” workshop as quickly as we can.


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