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August 8, 2007

Web conferencing experiment

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Thanks so much to the persistent few who stuck with me in my plan to offer web conferencing sessions to introduce the Live Classroom platform that DOL is just starting to use.

It took me much longer than I liked to get the sessions planned and scheduled, but yesterday and today I conducting two web conferencing sessions (some call them webinars) where I introduced participants to the Live Classroom environment and experimented with some of the tools available.  The recording of the sessions also seemed to work and if you like you can take a look at one of them at this URL: 

The audio quality of the recording is only fair and sometimes there are hiccups that skip over a word or two, but the gist of things comes through okay.  If you want to get a sense of how more adept presenters than I have done, Webjunction has recordings of several of their Learning Webinars available online: learned a lot while doing these sessions and now feel like I could do something a little more formal with some real content — not just an intro to how the conferencing system works.  Mara Siegel and I are talking about putting together a session on one or another of the VOL resources.  I also think I will probably do some more informal things that allow people to have a conversation about and experiment with some online tool that interests them.

Thanks again to Rhonda, Mary, and Holly (my fellow experimenters).


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