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May 5, 2007

Feeling quizzical?

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Trying to combine a beautiful Friday afternoon sitting in my window-less office and being productive, I came across a post at the shifted librarian where Jenny Levine linked to a tongue-in-cheek quiz that she created about ALA for her presentation at the recent Computers in Libraries conference.

Yes, it was fun to take the quiz, but within a very short time, I had downloaded the software she used to create it ( and created a simple quiz. Of course there were a few small steps–had to register for the ContentGenerator Forums to download the software; had to make sure that I had Adobe Flash player installed (free to download and already installed for most browsers); and had one minor glitch with unzipping the file I downloaded (had to actually extract the file rather than just clicking on the executable after MSWindows displayed it for me).

Anyway, Jenny is considering lofty matters like providing “a small glimpse into how gaming can be used for assessment in addition to literacy and learning” and wondering “about whether or not this is really ‘gaming’ in the traditional sense of the term.” I’m just thinking about all the silly quizzes that I could create to break up my usually boring presentations!

If anyone out there gives this software a try, we’d really enjoy hearing about it.


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