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January 24, 2007

So many new things, so little time….

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Through WebJunction Vermont, we are bringing a number of new technologies online. Our partnership with Webjunction now provides access not only to this blog, but to an online calendaring system and a live, online classroom environment.

We will be rolling out the calendaring system as soon as we have put together our workshop schedule for 2007. The system we are using is one that the Connecticut State Library has used successfully for a while, so we hope that we have a good chance to make this a useful resource for VT libraries. The calendar will list DOL events (including CE workshops) and provide online registration capabilities. There is also a reminder and notification function you can use to send yourself email messages reiminding you of upcoming events. It is primarily Mara Siegel’s job to get this calendar up and running.  When she finishes juggling the line-up of workshops, look for an announcement about accessing the new calendar and signing up for 2007 workshops.

The online classroom environment is a DOL-specific set up of WebJunction’s Live Space. Mara Siegel, Amy Howlett, and I have been learning how to navigate in the online classroom. A number of DOL staff will be tyring to get up to speed in the world of “synchronous learning” by participating in “Synchronous Survival School.” Keep an eye out for the upcoming DOL workshops that may involve the use of the online classroom.


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